This website was created at the request of a group of voluntary organisations and care homes, who want to work together more, share learning and information, and connect with others doing similar work.

This site is administrated by My Home Life (MHL), a UK-wide initiative that promotes quality of life and delivers positive change in care home for older people. MHL has a strategic focus on supporting care homes and communities to come together to support improved quality of life, not only for the residents of care homes, but also for their families, the staff and the people living in the community.

MHL supports care homes and community groups to:

MHL is currently (2014-19) funded by the Henry Smith Charity to deliver this support, and also received funding from the Department of Health (2012-14) to explore good practice in sustainable community engagement in care homes.

As part of these projects, two events have brought care homes, voluntary organisations, funders and other national stakeholders together to share and learn from each other. The learning from these events is outlined below.

Working Together to Improve Community Engagement in Care Homes – May 2015

In May 2015 the event ‘Working Together to Improve Community Engagement in Care Homes’ (financially supported by Henry Smith Charity and the Tudor Trust) brought together voluntary organisations, care homes and funders. The event attendees collectively agreed they needed an online resource where voluntary organisations and care homes could list what they are doing in terms of community engagement (which became this website).

See the link below for the PowerPoint presentation from this event.


May 2015
May 2015
May 2015
May 2015


Working together to improve community engagement presentation (Powerpoint)

Opening the Door – March 2014

In March 2014 My Home Life hosted an ‘Opening the Door’ event in partnership with NCVO and CSV (now Volunteering Matters). It was a fantastic day full of interactive presentations and innovative thinking. Take a look at the pictures from the day in our gallery and have a read of the presentation from the day here:

photo 83


Opening the Door presentation (PDF)

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